by Wino Willy

Verse 1- Wino Willy This that heater vision no Clark Kent Held a fistful of dead presidents praying for a different residence Residue hatred from bad decision make this place a hell we live in Always passed up way past nuts like the planter bul with a monocle Burned down like hubigs standing in the ashes of your dream Got my name on the shit now I got to live with it Bitch this way pay inconsiderate might pick up the Nicolette I ion even smoke bruh fuck this shit owed another note bruh Looking like the housing Crisis cranes in the sky shit foreclose from poseidon Uh yuck nigga I need a brick to breakdown to pay back the debt that you gave me Feel like that Jawn married to Hades or lost civilizations between Tigris and Euphrates Crazy bitch fucked up Verse 2- Vertigob G money on the roof flip so ruthless Nobody care the “ROOTLESS”so Im doin’ this 把人们带向这座摇晃的楼 看那些无神论者排着队烧香磕头 祈求 一个屁股能申请的居住面积 求如果得了重病 最好能直接咽气 求住在顶层的人可千万别骗你 因为这下跪的机会有多少人在惦记 他们站在 屋檐上面 挥金如土 的时候 却大喊着 为人民服务 越靠近天越觉得自己像是救世主 可房间里的人有几个真能活到七十五 No doubt 究竟是谁的财富 将那堆砌的白骨画成升迁的路 我们在天上的父 请看这一眼 或许在它坍塌前 能给点儿意见 I write the verse to satirize my government, so the “G money ”in my verse doesn't mean what it usually means, it’s like the government money or garnishee money or gloomy money, anyway, it’s the money that top guys stole from the people. I likened my country to a crumbling tall building, and those powerful men are staying on the roof, flip the G money. I will give you a sentence-by-sentence translation, here we go. I will not translate the first two sentences, they are what you see. And I use the “ROOTLESS” to describe my compatriots cuz too many Chinese, especially young people, are losing themselves. “把人们带向这座摇晃的楼”——which means I took people close to this swaying building. *As I said before, this building is my country. “看那些无神论者排着队烧香磕头”——which means we are looking at those atheists who line up to burn incense and kowtow. *China doesn’t recognize that people can envelope any religion. So in principle, all Chinese are atheists. Here is a metaphor to satirize our country is bound by the absurdity of faith. But those atheists need to rely on burn incense and kowtow to live, which means many people have nowhere to go. “祈求 一个屁股能申请的居住面积”——which means they are praying for a space for their ass to rest. *Maybe you don't know that China's housing prices have almost killed our generation. No matter how hard we work, it is very difficult to buy a suite after whole 80’s. But the house is a must for all families in the traditional Chinese concept, so this is ironic. So in the lyrics I wrote that these prayer people hope to retreat to find a place for their ass. “求如果得了重病 最好能直接咽气”——which means they are praying if they get a seriously ill, it is best to die directly. *This is slamming our health insurance policy and expensive medical treatment. People don't dare to get sick. If you get a serious illness, you should pray that you will die right away, because a serious illness is basically the same as destroying an ordinary family. “求住在顶层的人可千万别骗你 因为这下跪的机会有多少人在惦记” ——which means they are praying that those who live on the top floor should never lie to them, cuz many people are spying on this opportunity to kneel. *These two sentences means, in fact, everyone knows that many policies are to deceive the masses, but we still choose to close one eye and live in humiliation. Cuz if you choose to quit, you will not have the chance to survive. “他们站在 屋檐上面 挥金如土的时候 却大喊着 为人民服务” ——which means when powerful guys stood on the roof and indiscriminately spending people’s money, they shouted that they are serving the people. *This should be the common face of all ugly politicians in the world, they deceive the public, change the concept, take the money that should have been used by the people as their own, fill their pockets, and say that they are whole-heartedly for the people. “越靠近天越觉得自己像是救世主”——which means the powerful guys think that their position is very high, almost close to the sky, so they gradually feel that they have become saviors. *This is actually satirizing that our country has spent a lot of money to support the construction of other backward countries, lending them a lot of money, but they don’t even know that the most needy help is the Chinese living in misery. “可房间里的人有几个真能活到七十五”——which means there are a few people in this building who can really live to 75. *Official statistics The average life expectancy of Chinese people is 75 years old. However, due to air pollution, environmental pollution, food safety, and the aging of society due to economic structure, the average life expectancy of Chinese people is expected to decrease in the future. “No doubt 究竟是谁的财富 将那堆砌的白骨画成升迁的路” ——which means people are wondering who’s wealth helped the politicians to portray the human purgatory as a pair of prosperous country. “我们在天上的父 请看这一眼 或许在它坍塌前 能给点儿意见” ——which means before everything collapses, we can only hope that God will help us.



Bag season continues with the arrival of the first full-length project from New Orleans’ own Wino Willy, titled “Burlap”. Willy is a beat- makers, beat-maker and now shines as an MC as well! The gritty sounds and colorful compositions are informed by his time spent in Beijing, China, Philadelphia and New Orleans

This fifteen-track offering features instrumentals not found anywhere else by a who’s who of NOLA underground producers including friendkerrek, Bodega Brown, Calamity, DJ Manipulator and more. A Hip-Hop classic in the making!


released May 17, 2019

All songs written by Wino Willy
Produced by Wino Willy, friendkerrek, Prospek, deliciousbeets, Bodega Brown, & DJ Manipulator
Additional Vocals by AFKA, Black Doffy, Teimless, ET Deaux, Chaunsay Mackin, Calamity, Miss. Julane

All Songs Mixed & Mastered by Ryan "friendkerrek" Travis
Arranged by friendkerrek & AFKA
Recorded by Wino Willy & friendkerrek
Executive Produced by Elgin Brown & Ben Epstein
Recorded in New Orleans, Beijing, & DC
Art by James "deliciousbeets" Hebert
Layout by Wino Willy & deliciousbeets
© 2019 Superjock Records


all rights reserved



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